60 Minutes Of Self-Care

One thousand, four hundred and forty. You have twenty four hours in a day. That's fourteen hundred and forty minutes in one day. What are you doing with your time? The way you spend those twenty four hours makes you who you are. The truth is, you could be doing anything with this time. This week, I want you to consider making a sacrifice for yourself. This sacrifice is for one hour of your day. That is only sixty minutes of your One thousand, four hundred and forty. Start a daily routine to dedicate sixty minutes of this time to yourself. A necessary part of self care requires you to spend time with yourself and get to know who you are, love, and embrace yourself. It's impossible to be present for anything else when you are not present with yourself. This is a seven day challenge. You can choose any sixty minutes of each day. It could be thirty minutes in the morning, and thirty minutes at night. The only limitations are (A). It has to be 100% self time and (B). you have to be doing something that you enjoy or something that can help you grow closer to your goals. Some examples of what you can do during this time is meditation, journaling, walking, exercising, learning something new, and reading just to name a few things. This challenge will help you strengthen your relationship with yourself. Once you complete the challenge, commit to making this form self-care a routine, then try gradually increasing the time for even more self-care. Leave your comments to let me know how this routine is working for you.

This week on the show, I will be discussing mental alchemy. Today's conversation will answer the question, what is mental alchemy? In Friday's conversation I will discuss how the mind works. If you are seeking to grow, this series is a great place to start and it will continue for three weeks.

By the way, mark your calendar for July 31st. This date will be the information session for the In Her Growth Circle. This circle is a combination of a support group and group coaching for women who are seeking to grow to their fullest potential to meet their goals. The waitlist is now open. If you're interested in becoming the best version of yourself, sign up on the wait list to register for the free information session.

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. Make this week incredible. The god in me, loves the god in you!

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