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It's Not What You Go Through, It's How You Grow Through It!


Meet Kimbaley

Mental Alchemist, Metaphysician,

Podcast Host and Transformational Speaker & Lecturer.


I regret to inform you that I will not be telling you the story of a woman who had a fabulous upbringing. I did not. Growing up in the South, I was raised by my mother and grandmother. We were an extremely poor family. Because of this, I adapted the habit of placing limitations on my life. Grounded in an unhealthy sense of humility, I didn’t want my family to think that I believed I was better than everyone else. But these habits were difficult to break as I started recognizing cyclical patterns of lack, emotional and physical abuse, and illnesses. 


Then, I tapped into my spirituality, or what we now know is the metaphysical. After studying so many religions and spiritual pathways, I still felt that there was more to life than what we can experience with our five senses. I learned how to listen to the guidance of my intuition. I fell in love with crystals, oracle cards, tarot cards, the mind, manifestation, magick, and the law of attraction. I began using my hands to create. While understanding my power, I transformed the challenges of my natural hair journey to create an all-natural hair oil that protects, repairs, strengthens, and lengthens the hair.


I also decided to affirm, “I always get what I want.” By wholeheartedly believing this, I was able to manifest a healthy relationship with my high school crush, moving to the city where I have always wanted to live, cars, and even the jobs that I wanted. 


However, the most transformative moment for me came in my mid-30’s when I manifested and produced my good health. For over two years, I struggled with an undiagnosed illness that caused fatigue, shortness of breath, profuse sweating, and a dangerously high heart rate. I sought and visited various doctors, specialists, and was prescribed a variety of medicine. I grew depressed and once again, was prescribed medication. After three years of suffering, I knew it was finally time to start living again. I was invited to a party, determined to use the principles of manifestation I had learned to acquire those other material items. I visualized myself having fun so I could let go of the limitations I created while physically sick. I danced like it was my birthday. By changing my mindset about what I wanted to happen to me despite my illness, I have since been able to stop all medication and enjoy my life. (And I had fun at that party!) 


What I’ve experienced by manifestation, I want others to live for themselves. By using the “timeline therapy technique,” I aspire to assist clients to not only disconnect from negative feelings associated with past experiences but also aid in establishing tools to plant unique and positive memories for their future. This work isn’t easy but it is possible.


What positive and excellent future shall we help you create today?

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